abv construction

our History

ABV Construction was first founded in 1986 by Abram Mphogo. At the time, Abram had named this company “Abram Construction”. Owing to the disadvantages experienced in the past as well as the inability to access the education and support necessary from bodies and institutions that were there for small business, the company was never formally registered. It was only in the later years that Abram brought on born frees to assist in the running of the business. The business was officially registered and re-named to ABV Construction in March 2012. ABV Construction is a formally registered private company that has both black and white ownership. With the permission of the founder, ABV has carried forward the references of the scopes that were completed from 1986 to date. Thus, the company has been around for the past 28 years. Abram still runs the majority of operational procedures as the supervisor. A few of the employees that are with the company date back to the formation of the company and carry years of experience in which they relay to the new staff on a daily basis. “When I founded this company, I had one thing in mind, and that was to provide people with good quality workmanship” – Abram Mphogo. The above stated by the founder Abram Mphogo is the value and principle in which the company is run today. ABV strives to provide all its clients with good quality workmanship.